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May 29th, 2020 · Comments Off on Watch BLINDERS


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Jane Velez-Mitchell & BLINDERS Director Speak at City Hall Press Conference

April 14th, 2015 · No Comments


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TheirTurn Provides Regular Updates on NYC’s Horse-Drawn Carriage Controversy

February 28th, 2015 · No Comments

FacebooktwittermailFacebooktwittermailPlease visit TheirTurn for regular reports from the ongoing battle to ban horse-drawn carriages in NYC.

Their Turn

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Charleston Post & Courier Reports that BLINDERS Could “Have Ripple Effect” in Charleston

February 7th, 2015 · No Comments

FacebooktwittermailFacebooktwittermailOn the day of a BLINDERS screening in Charleston, South Carolina, the Charleston Post & Courier reports that the film, coupled with NYC’s historic legislation to ban horse-drawn carriages, could have an impact on the use of horse and mule-drawn carriages in Charleston.


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Following are a few excerpts from the article:

“We hope that the film will open the eyes of locals who can spread the word about the cruelty of horse-drawn carriages,” said Samantha Suiter of the Citizens for a Carriage-Free Charleston. “Carriage rides are not romantic. They are not a kind way to see our city. They are simply cruel.”

“I didn’t have a strong point of view when I started making the documentary,” said Donny Moss “but after hearing two large animal veterinarians explain why horse-drawn carriages cannot be operated humanely or safely in New York City, I became convinced that the ban that activists were fighting for was the right solution.”

“Tommy Doyle, general manager of Palmetto Carriage, has been to New York in support of carriage operators there and seen the film, which he describes as ‘propaganda for the animal rights kooks. The guy who made the film is an animal nut and he paints the industry in a bad light.”

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